We understand that this might be a scary time for you and your family members with the coronavirus (COVID-19) spread.  There are a few things you can do to decrease your chance of getting the coronavirus:

  • Clean your hands often – wash hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds Avoid close contact with others, including handshakes or hugs 
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces daily
  • Stay healthy by getting sleep, avoiding stress and take your medicines  
  • Think twice before you go to any gathering with a large number of people, like a birthday party or large religious service.  If you do somewhere with many people, please wash your hands when you leave and again when you get home, try not to touch surfaces and try not to touch your face.
  • Encourage anyone who enters or exits the house to wash their hands. 
  • Try to keep some food items in your home that do not go bad, like pasta, beans, rice and frozen fruits and vegetables.  This will be helpful if you need to stay home for any reason – whether you are feeling sick or whether you are trying to stay healthy.
  • Make sure you have enough of your medicines on hand.  Please call our office if you are not sure and call your pharmacy if you will need a refill in the next month.  
  • It is really important that you take all of your medicines so that you can stay healthy. 

If you think you have been exposed to coronavirus or have symptoms such as a cough, fever, or shortness of breath, please CALL US FIRST at [​337-232-1802 and we will advise on next steps. This is very important!  We want to help keep you healthy and have plans in place to manage your care safely and effectively. We appreciate all efforts to help our community get through this hard time

To keep up with the latest information on COVID-19 in our state http://ldh.la.gov/Coronavirus/

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